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Card Sorting

Find out which way of organizing works best for your users.

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How does it work?

Card sorting is a research technique we use to organize information in the most user-friendly way possible, such as the layout of a menu or the content of a website.

Voorbeeld van een card sort in online software

Here you can see how a card sort works (in this case in OptimalSort). Participants are asked to categorize a set of items and give the groups names. If you ask enough users to do this, you can gain very valuable insights. Data is generated on, for example, what percentage of users think certain items belong together. New group names are also generated. And this is all based on user input.

clustering op basis van een card sort

The great advantage of an online/remote card sort is that lots of users can fill it out on their own. The figure above, for example, was created based on input from some 150 users. Here you can see the clustering of topics that emerges.

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