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Full-stack Development Traineeship

Kickstart your full-stack development career!

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Celebrate great talent

Our full-stack traineeship works somewhat differently from front-end and UX Traineeships. Within our full-stack traineeship you first follow our front-end program and we expand this with an additional track on back-end. In total this takes around 1 year.

Traineeship timeline met 6 weken crash course en 12 maanden traineeship

Why full-stack?

We see that talented developers are in high demand, but young, promising talents rarely get the chance to show what they can do. At Humanoids, we believe that with the right training and a good dose of motivation you can quickly be of great value as a developer. Especially full-stack developers are in high demand. This is why we choose to offer this opportunity to our front-end developers.

"To make Humanoids developers even more versatile, we have developed a back-end program in which our developers can develop into full-stack developers. This program is focused on Java and additional techniques that are currently the most future-proof in the back-end field."

Robbin Habermehl

Robbin HabermehlFounder & Developer

During your traineeship

Everyone who joins our Full-stack Traineeship starts with our Front-end Crash Course. In 6 weeks time we will prepare you for your first job. We believe in learning by doing. We have designed our Crash Course program ourselves and it is completely provided by our specialists. We make sure that you become well acquainted with the most current tools and techniques so that your knowledge is up to date. We also focus on writing well-structured and efficient code according to our code standards. Furthermore, you get important certificates and learn for example all about Agile working. After the Crash Course the traineeship officially begins and you will start working at one of our clients. But don't worry, you're not on your own. You are surrounded by our experienced developers who you can always turn to. The Fridays are our training days and are therefore reserved for your development. During these days you will also follow your back-end program. During these training days there will be various activities, including:


Training Projects

with real clients within various themes.



We'll share all our expertise.



waarin je jezelf en je mede-trainees beter leert kennen

In addition to these substantive issues, it is very important to us that you have a good time with us! We like to get to know each other and celebrate successes together. We do this with social drinks or fun team building sessions.

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You'll get to know

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What you'll get

Portemonnee waar papiergeld uit steekt.


Een starterssalaris en dienstverband


Laptop & Software

Apple Macbook Pro en alle tooling

NS Businesscard

NS Businesscard

Wij betalen jouw reiskosten



Voor de vakinhoudelijke classics

Na het traineeship

After the traineeship, we like to continue working together. Your development career has of course only just begun. Together we look at your qualities and how you can develop yourself further. Our goal is to create an environment in which you can continuously grow and realize your potential. You can do this by experiencing different clients, but you can also, for example, contribute to training new trainees.

Who we are

We are a team of young, driven professionals who, in addition to a passion for their profession, also enjoy doing fun things together. We regularly organize drinks, go to festivals together, do activities after work and some of us have even gone on vacation together. A nice, approachable atmosphere is very important to us and we hope you can contribute to this!


Full-stack Development Traineeship

Become a Full-stack Development expert in 6 weeks + 12 months.


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  • You have serious development ambition 🚀.
  • You are highly educated, so HBO or WO.
  • You possess a serious dose of analytical and problem-solving skills 🧠.
  • You are relevantly educated 🎯, or can convince us that your education is sufficiently relevant to the developer field.
  • You have some development experience 🧑🏻‍💻 and can show some work.
  • You live 🏠 in the Randstad.
  • You speak Dutch 🇳🇱 at a professional level.
  • You'll start with Front-end, and become Full-stack later on.


What exactly do you mean by Full-Stack Development?

As a full-stack developer, you can program along the full spectrum, meaning both front-end and back-end. This means you are broadly oriented and a sought-after professional in tech. And that, of course, is exactly what we want. So with us, you lay an excellent foundation for the rest of your career.

Who is the Full-stack Development Crash Course intended for?

We developed the Crash Course for our development trainees. This way we ensure that they can immediately join a team and that they all start with the same set of skills. It also allows us to shorten an onboarding period as much as possible. The Crash Course is thus aimed at the higher edicated, whom we thus give practical tools and prepare for the profession as a developer. We have done our best to develop a crash course that perfectly reflects what is current and modern in the industry today. And which is taught for and by developers.

What are the costs?

No costs for trainees. For the record! The Crash Course is designed for our trainees. If you follow the traineeship, the Crash Course will cost you nothing, but we will reimburse your training and travel expenses. 1 thing though: your official employment with Humanoids will start after the crash course.

I want to know more!

Ok! Please reach out to

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