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A/B Testing

Data-driven testing which variation of a product performs best.

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Doing an A/B test

We like to test on real users. That's why we often do usability testing. What we also regularly do more data-driven testing. For example, in the form of an A/B test. We then make 2 or more variants of the same feature or flow, which we put live. Using analysis software, we can find out which variant performs better; which converts better, which generates more users, more interaction or longer page visits.

Meeting over A/B Tests

Turning data into UX improvements

You can use live user data in this way to effectively improve your product. Often A/B testing is part of a larger strategy to continuously improve digital products data-driven, along with campaigns to attract visitors to certain parts of your product and UX'ers who turn quantitative insights into concrete design suggestions.

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