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Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping your customer's process. As a basis for improving services.

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Customey Journeys

The Customer Journey - or customer journey - is a method we use to visualize the process a customer goes through while interacting with your company, product or service. It shows the different stages, activities and goals. This creates a lot of clarity and understanding of what your customer is experiencing (right now) and we can start improving it. We can thus make it very clear where the important user needs and pain points are. And thus where the opportunities for innovation are greatest!

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Customer Journey: basis of a project.

We often deploy Customer Journey Mapping as part of a Design Sprint or co-creation session during the start of a project. The outcomes are often an excellent basis for a new project. You can keep coming back to this and use the Customer Journey as a way to keep convincing stakeholders of the importance of user-centric work. We often hang the elaborated Customer Journey on the wall in the room where stand-ups, refinements and other Scrum rituals are held with the team.

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