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Design Systems

A collection of the components, patterns and standards in a digital product. With these, you can effectively develop your product further.

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Component-driven Design

We have extensive experience working in large teams, on products that are part of a larger collection of websites and (mobile) applications. To ensure efficient work by multiple UX Designers and effective collaboration with development, we work with design systems.

What is a Design System?

A design system is a comprehensive collection and overview of all the components, patterns and standards used within an organization for their digital products. That system ensures uniformity across applications and bridges the gap between UX and development. And that system is constantly evolving, as new components are added, behavior of an interface or element changes and/or new devices are developed for. We are used to working in teams that have an operational design system. Whether this is a Figma Library, a live website or Invision DSM, we have experience with it.

Design System in practice

A design system is a product, but more importantly it is a way of working. Often there is a team or individual who has responsibility for the (maintenance of the) design system and monitors the system. Often there is much sparring about which components are added into the system and should be applied uniformly and which are exceptions to it, so that the system remains the only truth to which everyone on the team adheres.

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Designing a Design System

What we also do: create a design system. If there is no design system yet, our UX Designers can create and set it up. We are good at weighing up when that is necessary. Maybe you already have a website or app that you want to develop further, or maybe you are just starting on a product that needs to be realized in your corporate identity. Documenting all components properly can save a lot of time and uniformity in the future. With a design system you lay the foundation for successful further development. We can also advise you on setting up a workflow around a design system.

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