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Mobile Design

Design voor mobile devices.

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Design for mobile

Designing for mobile devices is different from designing for desktops or other platforms. Mobile devices are small, portable and usually operated with the fingers. This requires a specific approach and knowledge of the different platforms and operating systems.

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Mobile challenges

Mobile screens are small compared to desktop screens. This means you have to organize the user interface and information very efficiently. Also, users usually operate mobile devices with their fingers. So you have to take touch interaction into account. In addition, there are lots of different mobile devices with different screen sizes and proportions, so you have to make sure your interface takes this into account (responsive).

Mobile first

We often work mobile-first. In other words, we start with the smallest version of the interface: the one on a mobile device. That's where the design challenges are often greatest. Provided this fits with how users use your digital product. Scaling up later for larger screens is often relatively easier.

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