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The obvious choice for a framework for web applications using React.

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Next.js is a popular React-based framework for developing high-quality web applications. At Humanoids, we use Next.js for virtually all of our projects, making it the de facto standard in the industry for building top-tier applications. One of the main advantages of Next.js is its ability to build server-side rendered (SSR) applications with ease. This allows for faster load times and improved search engine optimization (SEO), resulting in better user experiences. Next.js also includes a number of powerful features out-of-the-box, such as automatic code splitting, serverless functions, and dynamic imports, which make it easier to build complex applications quickly and efficiently. Our team at Humanoids is highly experienced in working with Next.js and has helped numerous clients build cutting-edge applications with this powerful framework. We understand the benefits of using Next.js and help our clients leverage its capabilities to build fast, efficient, and scalable applications.

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