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JavaScript & Typescript

TypeScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft that has become increasingly popular among web developers in recent years. It is an extension of JavaScript that supports types, making it easier to detect errors and maintain code. We not only use it within React, React Native, and Angular, but we also write entire back-ends in TypeScript, use it for test automation, and many other applications.

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Benefits of TypeScript

One of the key advantages of TypeScript is its ability to define interfaces, which helps in structuring complex applications. This makes it easier to understand and maintain the code, especially when multiple developers are working on a project. Additionally, TypeScript has the capability to compile code into different versions of JavaScript, allowing developers to leverage the latest JavaScript features while still supporting older browsers. Another benefit of TypeScript is its supportive community and ecosystem. There are numerous TypeScript-specific libraries and frameworks available for developers to use, speeding up development and simplifying tasks.

At Humanoids, we frequently employ TypeScript in the development of web and mobile applications. Our developers are well-versed in the latest advancements in TypeScript and have extensive experience utilizing the language across various projects.

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