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UX Assessment

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We review your digital product

In a UX Assessment, we use our UX expertise to thoroughly examine an application or website and come up with serious improvements. In other words, we test your user experience. Our UX'ers take the time to look at your product from the point of view and behavior of a real user. Who has to complete a select number of tasks that are important to you. We look for example at the funnels and call-to-actions, usability, accessibility, hierarchy and navigation, but also at the copy and to what extent the product is sufficiently targeted. And thus: understandable for a user. We can indicate in a relatively short time what works and what doesn't.

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So an Expert Review is used to quickly pinpoint problems and find ways to improve your product. We often do this at the beginning of a new project, but it can also be booked as a separate service. We often deliver a report or presentation with a number of quick fixes, an indication of flow issues and ideas for solving the most critical problems. Often we also make some redesign proposals right away. Presenting is certainly our preference, because this way we can easily share our constructive feedback with a group of people involved, the team and key stakeholders and this creates a lot of support. What also often happens is that the results are incorporated into a prototype, which we then test in a usability test.

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