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UX Design

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Designing the very best user experience

We design digital products for everything with a screen. From researching and validating new ideas to full-on design production in a Scrum team, we ♥ your user.

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UX at Humanoids

UX Design is now a relatively well-known term. Many people know, or think they know, what a UX Designer does on a daily basis; work on digital products for all devices with a screen, for the best customer experience. However, the expertise is broad. And because Humanoids trains all of its own UX Designers ourselves, we have a specific vision of the field. In our opinion, a good UX Designer is a complete UX Designer, working from A to Z to create the best user experience. This means that a UX Designer has tasks ranging from UX research, to development, to stakeholder management, to design systems, to connecting with developers and everything in between. We train all our UX Designers to do these tasks themselves.

Rapid developments

Much is required of UX Designers in today's market. Expertise, excellent communication skills and the ability to master unfamiliar things in no time. The field is rapidly evolving, so it is important to keep up. By continuously updating the training programs, our people always stay up to date. Training the best UX Designers is a joint mission of all Humanoids.

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