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Meet Maarten: Founder & UX Designer

Fleur Strik
Fleur Strik
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Meet Maarten, one of the creative minds behind Humanoids, where as UX Designer & Founder he is responsible for setting up the IT traineeships Humanoids invests so much time in.

Welcome to Talking Tuesday! With this interview series, every month we introduce our specialists to you! They give you an insight into what it is like to work at Humanoids but also what they are working on at the moment! This month we kick off with Maarten: UX Designer & Founder of Humanoids.

What kind of project are you doing right now?

I am working for Movir, part of Nationale Nederlanden, on digital applications around AOVs (disability insurance).

What is most interesting about this?

Mainly the complexity. There are many different stakeholders and departments involved, such as legal, medical underwriting, business, communication, IT and of course the end user. This means that as a UX Designer I really have to be a spider in the web and a lot of coordination is needed. With the additional complicating factor that Movir still has a lot of steps to take in terms of UX maturity, and thus a lot of proof of direction is needed.

What do you add to a team?

I am good at concretizing ideas quickly and mediating between different stakeholders. I have a lot of experience with co-creation techniques (also in the form of a design sprint) to innovate quickly. And with UX research to make informed decisions. I therefore enjoy doing innovation projects where on the one hand I produce UX work quickly and on the other hand I provide the evidence for it, which ensures support.

What tip would you like to give to someone just starting out?

Make sure you bring your passion! Because that's where everything starts. If you are driven you will pass that energy on in everything you do.

Can you name a business situation or event that helped you a lot?

I have persevered several times when something wasn't going or was difficult. I learned that I always come out the other side better. This experience has been very good for how I relate myself to my work. Another thing: working with critical people! Nothing is as good for refining your skills as a critical eye. Make sure you are always open to this.

Can you talk a little about your growth as a specialist over the past few years?

I started out as a visual designer, a role in which I pitched a lot. Only when I was able to start doing long-term jobs, freelance, for corporates and governments did I develop strongly in the depth of the UX Design profession. Developing digital products based on user experience, doing research, constantly defending design decisions to stakeholders and, ultimately, creating real business value is what made me grow as a designer. This is incredibly valuable experience and, in my opinion, you can only gain it if you work for a long time on the same project, for a large party, in a multi-disciplinary team filled with good specialists.

What do you love about this sector?

What is really nice about IT is that the sector is filled with passionate people and there is a lot of community spirit. Designers seek each other out, talk a lot among themselves, attend meetups and spread the passion. Such a great community!

What are you most proud of since working at Humanoids?

That my initial idea; training in-house tech specialists, is really working. And that Humanoids is fighting against prejudices about (un)experience in an industry where this is considered too important. This is certainly not always easy, but necessary! Because tech continues to cry out for good people. And it is, to say the least, extraordinary that so little attention is paid to talent.

What makes Humanoids special?

That Humanoids gives people opportunities that certainly don't always get opportunities elsewhere. And that these people grow into highly skilled and sought-after specialists. They can build their careers on what they learn at Humanoids. Witnessing that gives great satisfaction.

Ok, that was the Talking Tuesday interview ! Next month we'll introduce you to another specialist.

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