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Meet Noëlle: Lead UX Designer

Fleur Strik
Fleur Strik

Meet Noëlle, our Lead UX Designer. She is working on an assignment for Rabobank

Welcome to Talking Tuesday! With this interview series we introduce you to our specialists every month! They will give you an insight into what it's like to work at Humanoids but also what they are working on at the moment! This month Noelle : lead UX designer

What is your current project?

I'm working for Rabobank on a tool that allows internal employees to manage and book loans.

What is most interesting about this?

Within the department I am the first and only UX Designer, so part of my work also consists of 'introducing' design to my team and other stakeholders. It's fun to see how quickly you can also make an impact for users in such a situation. I also find it interesting to once work on a product for internal employees (who are in fact colleagues) instead of the company's customers. Our users are in different corners of the world, which makes it extra challenging.

What will you add to a team?

As the only UX Designer on the team, I am the one who stands up for the user's needs and wants. In doing so, I strive to strike a balance between the needs of the user, the business and the technical possibilities and limitations. This requires flexibility and good communication with stakeholders. I know design best practices, have an eye for detail and work quickly and accurately.

What tip would you like to give to someone just starting out?

Ask often and a lot for feedback from fellow UX Designers, don't be afraid to ask questions, learn from the work of others and above all trust your gut!

Can you name a business situation or event that helped you a lot?

When I think back to the moments that I learned the most from, they are the ones where I received feedback (in any form), collaborated and shared ideas with other UX Designers and was inspired by presentations from other projects.

Can you talk a little about your growth as a specialist over the past few years?

In terms of content, I have gained a lot of knowledge over the past few years about best practices and design patterns, as well as how large and small organizations are put together and what role you can play as a UX Designer. I know how to approach a project, have learned to prioritize and am a bit less of a perfectionist than I used to be. Doing a lot of different projects and putting in hours has helped with that.

What do you love about this industry?

I love creating visual things while helping people by improving their experience with digital products. Designing is like solving a complex puzzle at times, which I really enjoy and where my engineering background comes in handy.

What are you most proud of since working at Humanoids?

I am proud to have been able to work on many beautiful and diverse projects in a relatively short period of time. Often these were projects within niche sectors where I had to gain knowledge of complex subject matter in order to understand the user's experience and design a user-friendly product. I'm quite proud that I've succeeded every time.

What makes Humanoids special?

Humanoids offers an opportunity to young people who have little experience but are incredibly talented. I really like that! We do a variety of projects, which is very instructive and allows you to grow quickly in the profession. We all like to help each other and the atmosphere among us is always good!

That was the Talking Tuesday interview again! Next month we will introduce you to another specialist. Also take a look at our LinkedIn for more content and tips from our experts!

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