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Meet Roel: Senior UX designer

Fleur Strik
Fleur Strik

Meet Roel, one of our senior UX designers. He is currently busy with a project for Ridder.

Welcome to Talking Tuesday! With this interview series we introduce our specialists to you every month! They give you an insight into what it is like to work at Humanoids, but also what they are doing at the moment! This month Roel: Senior UX designer will be introduced.

What kind of project are you doing now?

I am currently working on an app for Ridder, a company specialized in climate systems within greenhouses.

What's most interesting about this?

Personally, I always enjoy entering a sector that is completely unknown to me. Those first months in which you slowly familiarize yourself with new material always give me a lot of energy. Now, after working on this project for almost six months, I have so much more knowledge about the horticultural sector. That's what I find most interesting. I also really enjoy designing for mobile. For a while I worked mainly on desktop applications. This is another breath of fresh air.

What do you add to a team?

What I always try to achieve in a team, regardless of the assignment or environment, is to maintain a good atmosphere. A good team is a team that communicates with each other and does not function as separate islands. It is so important to not only match each other well in terms of work content, but also to connect on a personal level. I feel like that's where my strength lies. This is often accompanied by a lot of, not always successful, jokes. Because you should also be able to have fun together!

What tip would you like to give to someone who is just starting out?

Find your own working style. No one is the same and no one works in the same way. Some people really like to do everything in a super structured way, while others work a little more organically. If you know what your own working style is, you can also use that as your strength.

Can you name a business situation or event that was of great benefit to you?

At the beginning of my time at Humanoids, I had to do projects that I felt were far beyond my capabilities. That wrestling was tough and at times very confrontational. When I look back now I think, what were you worried about? But I know that without those situations I couldn't have that mindset now. It's a complete killer, but oh so nice to use every now and then; without friction no shine.

Can you tell us something about your growth as a specialist in recent years?

I have been working at Humanoids for about 4.5 years now and I notice that I have become much more mature in my role as a UX designer. While in the beginning I often felt like I had no idea what I was doing, I now have much more self-confidence. I dare to stand behind my choices and can consider myself an expert. I also notice that I am much less personally attached to my designs and am more receptive to criticism (which does not alter the fact that it can still sometimes be difficult to receive).

What do you like so much about this sector?

I especially like the variety the most. Constantly immersing yourself in a new context and making it your own is so important to me. In addition, it is also very satisfying to convert a complex issue into a strong interaction design.

What are you most proud of since joining Humanoids?

In addition to my assignments as a UX designer, I have also been active as a traineeship lead. This role has given me the space to organize the traineeship according to my vision. Being able to realize that vision and seeing the visible improvements has given me a lot of pride. In addition, I also think it's great to see that since I handed over the baton, a whole bunch of improvements have been implemented and the traineeship is even better.

What makes Humanoids special?

As a recently graduated interaction designer, I couldn't get my foot in the door anywhere. That was quite disheartening and frustrating. When I did get the opportunity to do a traineeship at Humanoids, I felt like I had drawn the lottery ticket. I ended up in a company with all like-minded people and, despite my lack of experience, I was given the confidence to get started straight away. Of course there were some challenges and bumps along the way, but now 4.5 years later I still feel at home. The trust, responsibility, work and colleagues make Humanoids special for me.

That was the Talking Tuesday interview again! Next month we will introduce another specialist to you. Also take a look at our LinkedIn for more content and tips from our experts!

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