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Zo vroeg mogelijk testen met echte gebruikers.

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(Rapid) Prototyping

We create digital products for your users. Making those people happy is our high priority. That's why, in order to test as quickly as possible whether what we've come up with works, we often prototype parts of the entire product we're working on in the interim. That might be a particular flow, a set of tasks or a specific interaction. We do this all kinds of web or software tools, but also with paper. It creates an awful lot of understanding and clarity to make ideas concrete in a tangible way. And without the need for programming. We don't want to waste time on endless discussions about what is or is not a good idea. We like to leave that question to the end user.

Prototype op een scherm

Animation or interaction prototypes

We regularly create prototypes to show Developers what our UX Designers mean. With a sequence of screens, it is often immediately clear what the flow is and you can easily communicate behavior or patterns of the interface (for example, how a screen slides in or pops up). In addition, you can prototype detailed animation in certain tools. For example, how exactly a button responds when clicked, how a loader moves or what and how moves during a page entry. A prototype says more than a thousand words. That's why we like to show what we mean that way.

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