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Hire an Accessibility Specialist

Need someone for an accessibility audit? Or to rotate in as a UX Designer with a focus on accessibility? We'd love to help.

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Your digital product accessible

Is your digital product already accessible to the (visually) impaired? If not, you may be missing out on revenue, but more importantly, this will be mandatory for many companies from 2025 through the EU Accessibility Act. We help you comply.

UX & Development

Good accessibility is a matter that hangs between the two disciplines: UX & Development.


We test accessibility against the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and use it as a guideline.


We review and advise in digital projects. To comply with WCAG guidelines at the legal level.

Usability testing

We test with (visually) impaired people to build an audit as best as possible; including user experience.


Humanoids trains all of its own specialists itself. In this way, we ensure a continuous flow of specialists who excel in their field. This also enables us to anticipate market demand and, unlike other parties, we have sufficient availability.

Our work


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