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Swifty: the international app platform for pubs and bars.

Heineken Swifty App

For Heineken, we worked on Swifty; the international app platform used in pubs and bars. It enables ordering, payment, and earning rewards.

Swifty: the app for pubs and bars

Swifty is the international ordering app by Heineken used in pubs and bars. This all-in-one app caters to customers by allowing them to quickly and easily order food and drinks. Additionally, payments can be conveniently made through the app, especially useful during (coronavirus) times. Our UX Designers ensure that the user-friendliness of the platform is elevated to a higher level by fully integrating into the international agile team of Swifty!

A bar detail page, the wallet, and profile
A bar detail page, the wallet, and profile 🍻

The Swifty app platform

Currently, Swifty is being used in the UK, Ireland, and France. It will soon be live in Portugal, Spain, and Croatia as well. Due to the high demand for Swifty since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the team had to quickly adapt to serve new markets. The UX process had to be adjusted accordingly, a task for Humanoids.

Screens of logging in and finding bars
ChatGPT Logging in and finding bars 👀

The product consists of two environments: an app for the customer and a platform for the bar owner. In the app, the customer can place orders, pay, and earn special loyalty rewards. Additionally, the bar owner has the ability to introduce promotions and loyalty programs via the Swifty app, thus improving customer retention. Swifty also helps the bar owner gain better insight into the purchasing behavior of their customers.

Screens of bar details and ordering
Bar details and ordering 🍺

Screens of paying and earning points
Paying and earning points 💯

Operator Dashboard

The user experience of the Operator Dashboard, the environment for bar owners, is in need of improvement. It is not intuitive, and there are some essential features missing. By testing the Operator Dashboard with real end-users in the UK and Ireland, our UX team has gained valuable insights on how it can be enhanced.

Screen for the pub owner: creating a campaign
For the pub owner: creating a campaign 🔥
Screen of adding items to a promotion
Adding items to a promotion ✌️

Design System

In addition to incrementally improving the current products, our UX team is also working on a design system for Swifty. This is a reference guide consisting of a component library and rules regarding the styling and layout of the product. It is essential not only for achieving a consistent product and thereby improving usability but also for elevating the collaboration between design and development. This enables much more efficient design and development processes.

Swifty Design System
Swifty Design System ✍️
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