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AI-powered tenders

AI Tender Writer

We developed a Tender Writer environment within the Brainial platform that intuitively translates complex operations for the user. So that they can write a tender as quickly as possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The project

Brainial is an AI startup. They create a platform for writing tender texts based on AI. We thoroughly redesigned the tender writer. For this very complex project, we used co-creation techniques to involve all stakeholders from the beginning. We interviewed both stakeholders and users and conducted user testing at a very early stage to get a feel for the journey that would provide the most value.

Scherm van de prompt writer in het tender platform
Generate texts with the prompt writer ✍️

The prompt writer

The prompt writer is the heart of the tender writer. Users can add tags manually. Relationships between tags can be customized. Prompt Assist helps users write a successful prompt.

loader screen in an interface

scherm van een AI interface
The prompt writer with output 🤖

Control over prompt output

We use smart editing tools to optimize your text. Editing can be done via the toolbar or right mouse button. In addition to the smart edit options, the user can also enter their own prompt. Commonly used edit tools can be "pinned" for ease of use.

Een interface van een tekst editor met AI
Smart editing tools on prompt output ✍️

Add and export

Add new pieces of text to already existing output without having to go back to the prompt editor. This allows you to seamlessly add a new piece of text to an existing output based on contextual topics.

Interface waarin een AI export modal te zien is
Adding en exporting 🤖


Of course, the platform is much larger and has much more functionality than the few screens we show here. We can always show you more!

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