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A ship entering port

Port of Rotterdam

Daily international port business, all digital.

Port Assist

For Port of Rotterdam, we worked on Port Assist: the new portal for regulating all shipping traffic.

The Rotterdam Harbour

With Port Assist, you have an overall view of everything that is happening in real-time. The application runs on large screens as a kind of "air traffic control" in the port.

The main interface of Port Assist
The main interface of Port Assist (in dark mode)

Incoming requests

As a shipping agent, you submit your ship requests digitally to the Harbour Master Division. Shipping agents are the representatives of shipping companies in the Port of Rotterdam. They arrange the formalities for ship and cargo. The Harbour Master Division of the Port Authority is responsible for the safe handling of shipping. Good communication between the parties is essential for a modern and smart port.

Tasks and overview per ship 🚢
Tasks and overview per ship 🚢

A digital harbour

To meet the Port Authority's future ambition, there was a desire to develop a digital Customer Portal. Until now, all communication between port authority and shipping agent was via mail and telephone. With the new portal, the agent will be able to submit his requests digitally, and will have clear insight into the status of pending requests.

Per vessel requests, details and cargo can be viewed 👀
Per vessel requests, details and cargo can be viewed 👀

Design System

To support the further development of Port Assist and other products, we developed the new D&IT design system. This system is now in use for several Port Authority products, such as Real Estate, KING and Navigate.

Fragment of D&IT Design System
(Tiny) fragment of D&IT Design System

Usability testing and pilot

After delivering the MVP, we went live with a pilot group of end users. We worked intensively with these participating shipping agents to gain insights with regular onsite usability testing at the participating agencies.

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