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Wing of transavia flight


A new kiosk for travellers

Self-service Kiosk

Transavia has implemented kiosks where passengers can check in and leave their luggage. The passenger experience is of great importance in this process. Transavia asked Humanoids to redesign the interface of the kiosk, ensuring a fast and pleasant digital experience for the traveller.

The project

We designed a new interface for the Transavia self-service check-in kiosk. We observed and interviewed passengers of 4 Transavia flights going through check-in and pinpointed numerous problems with the old kiosk. Main problems were focused around unclear goals, confusing status and unavailable assistance.

Photos of the kiosk at the airport

Start screen of the self-service kiosk
Start screen of the self-service kiosk ✋

Tappable and accessible

The interface is designed for usage with your finger, of course. The tappable areas are very large and clear. We also assessed the accessibility of the new kiosk interface and used a heavy font to comply with WCAG guidelines.

Choose a way of identification
Choose a way of identifying yourself ✌

Booking reference

The booking reference is key in this flow. Users need to have it ready and/or be able to easily find it in their booking confirmation email. Which posed quite some problems and, right now, was not accessible (white on light green).

Booking reference screen
Screen where you print your bag tag

User testing outcomes

We bettered the design after having numerous user tests. We saw that the first question ‘Do you have luggage’ found a great balance between speed an reassurance. Also, clean illustrations effectively guide the user through the process (especially the ones that do not read). Participants showed appreciation for the clear visuals, heavy buttons and decluttered interface in general.

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