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Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is the way to find out if your idea or product works.

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Quickly test the value of your idea

With a Design Sprint, you learn an awful lot about your idea or product in just a few days: the challenges and context, whether your assumptions are correct, and whether it meets the user's needs.

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Why a Design Sprint?

  • A validated prototype within days.
  • Many valuable feedback from your users or customers.
  • Save a lot of time and money by validating early.
  • A high-fidelty, visual and complete prototype.
  • Support for the solution through intensive collaboration.

Doing a Design Sprint remotely?

Sure! We bring the core group together online and collaborate with online whiteboard tooling, Figma and do remote usability testing.

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Is a Design Sprint for me?

A Design Sprint can be used for different situations. For example, when you want to validate a new idea or concept before starting a development process. Or when you are considering a redesign of an existing product, and want to know without a large investment whether you are going in the right direction.

Mensen aan een grote ronde tafel aan het werk tijdens een design sprint.

"At Humanoids, we like to design from the power of collaboration, so we do a Design Sprint together with your team. We build on each other's knowledge and use everyone's ideas to arrive at the best possible solution for the user. In this way, we create a concept that everyone involved is behind."

Rowan Verbraak

Rowan VerbraakUX Research Lead

What is a Design Sprint like at Humanoids?

At Humanoids, we specialize in solving complex digital issues, and we know better than anyone else how to use Design Sprints effectively. Because every issue is slightly different we adapt the program to you. For example, we can extend the Design Sprint with a short preparatory research or several days of prototyping.

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Day 1

Understanding the situation. Outlining ideas.

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Day 2

Making decisions. Creating a storyboard.

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Day 3

Create prototype. Prepare user test.

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Day 4

Testing with users. Define next steps.

However, there are some fixed components. The first 2 days of the Sprint we work together towards a solution using design thinking techniques. Then, in one or more days, our UX designers create a real prototype which we validate with real users during a usability test. We then present the results, fine-tune the concept and test it again. A Design Sprint is an excellent start* to a new project!

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Femke Akkersdijk

Want to know more about a Design Sprint?

Femke Akkersdijk
Business Development Manager

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