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Query taal voor API's die REST van de troon gaat stoten als standaard

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GraphQL is an open-source query language and runtime for developing APIs. It was developed by Facebook and has become a popular choice for building modern web applications.

Iemand achter een beeldscherm een code review aan het uitvoeren.

Benefits of GraphQL

One of the key advantages of GraphQL is that it gives developers the flexibility to request exactly the data they need. Unlike RESTful APIs, which often fetch too much or too little data, GraphQL empowers developers to request only the data necessary for a specific use case. This results in faster and more efficient applications. Another benefit of GraphQL is its strongly typed system, making it easy to understand and maintain the structure of the data. Additionally, it offers real-time functionality and support for data streaming, making it ideal for use in applications with rapidly changing data. At Humanoids, we frequently utilize GraphQL in developing modern web applications. Our developers have extensive experience with GraphQL across various projects and can tailor it to the specific needs of each project. We particularly value the flexibility and efficiency of GraphQL and believe it to be a valuable addition to our technology stack.

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