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Real estate investing for everyone


Propvest is a real estate investment platform from fintech Exporo. The platform makes it easy to invest small amounts in real estate online with a savings plan or independently.

The project

Propvest is a new platform from the Exporo Group. Exporo is Europe's leading platform for digital real estate investment. We designed their web application, including the entire user flow. Starting with account creation, to investment opportunities to the portfolio where users can manage their investments. To work efficiently and effectively, we built our own component library.

Drie kaartjes met PROPVEST gebouwen om te kunnen investeren in vastgoed  to invest in propertie

Desktop with PROPVEST Web App

Design Sprint

During the project, we worked closely and remotely with the Product Owner and developers in Hamburg, Germany. For complex new features, we organized and facilitated remote design sprints. With a multidisciplinary team, valuable concepts were created in just a few days. After which these high potential concepts were prototyped and tested with different types of users.

Design sprint bord met een user journey map waarbij staat uitgeschreven hoe en wat

Interviews & Usability testing

For new features, such as the secondary market, interviews and usability testing were conducted to understand user needs and to validate our own assumptions and improve the design. All findings from these sessions were captured, summarized, and these opportunities were shared with stakeholders to create a shared vision and support.

User interview online waarbij een mobiele telefoon met de app wordt gepresenteerd.

Responsive design

A layout grid was designed in the component library to create a responsive design for the entire range of digital devices. All components of the web application were designed in detail according to this grid to create a great user experience on phones, tablets and laptops. Shown below is the homepage, executed in two different variants. The first variant is the homepage for new users, which features charts explaining the different types of investments. The second variant is the homepage for users with investments, it provides an overview of their user portfolio, their latest transactions and new investment opportunities.

Verschillende ontwerpen van de twee varianten aan homepages.
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