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office of royal haskoning

Royal Haskoning DHV

A new portal for Chain Management

Chain Management Tooling

Royal Haskoning is a Dutch engineering firm operating in more than 20 countries. For this project, we designed a platform to visualize the side effects of climate change on supply chains. And enable users to take precautionary measures.

The project

For this very complex project, we used co-creation techniques to involve all stakeholders from the beginning. We interviewed both stakeholders and users and conducted user testing very early on to get a feel for the design direction that would provide the most value.

Climate risk interface
Een map-based overzicht van de chain management tool

Geographical view

The first of the two chain views is the geographic view. In this view, projects are positioned geographically on a map. The focus is on the selected asset, which can be found in the middle. Assets that are not directly connected to the selected asset are shown in gray. Connected assets upstream and downstream are highlighted. The different lines show the relationship between assets.

Schematisch overzicht
Naast de map view is er ook een schematisch overview van relaties

Schematic overview

The second chain view is the schematic view. In this view, assets are not geographically positioned. The circles represent the range of an occurring hazard. The closer an asset is to the center of the circle, the higher the indirect risk. It is easy to recognize assets connected upstream and downstream. Clear overview of assets affected by climate impacts.

schematisch overzicht met klimaatrisico's
Schematisch overzicht met klimaatrisico's

Een risico rapport
Een risico rapport


Of course, the platform is much larger and has much more functionality than the few screens we show here. We can always show you more!

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