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Kleine Grote Denkers

Philosophy for elementary school students

Philosophizing in the classroom

Kleine Grote Denkers is a curriculum that teaches children how to philosophize in a playful and interactive way: the Wonder Method. We realized a web app that allows classroom teachers to easily walk through the method, and track the progress of each class.

From desktop to smartboard

Recently, the subject of Citizenship has been added to the curriculum of elementary schools. The Wonder Method from Little Big Thinkers fits in seamlessly with this. To best support teachers in teaching citizenship skills, the web app is flexible and intuitive to use. The app can be used in class on the smartboard, but also on a desktop screen to prepare lessons, for example.

Digibord met de kleine grote denkers app in een klas met kinderen.

An intuïtive interface

Our UX designers devised intuitive solutions that guide teachers - together with the class - step by step through the material in the app. The progress of each class is also tracked per skill. This allows teachers to focus on what really matters: philosophizing with children. During the design process we also paid a lot of attention to the use of playful animations and interactive components to make the lessons extra fun.

Screenshot van de kleine grote denkers app met daarop een overzicht van de voortgang van de vaardigheden

Tech stack

The playful design was recreated one-to-one by our front- and back-end developers in close collaboration with our UX designers. For the front-end, we used TypeScript with React and Next.js in combination with styled components. In addition, an API was set up with Apollo Server with MongoDB as the database, so that in the front-end the endpoints can be easily addressed with GraphQL.

Headless Content Management System

To allow the Kleine Grote Denkers team to manage the learning materials, the Web application is integrated with Sanity, a headless content management system (CMS). This allows them to add to and manage the learning materials as they see fit.

Een persoon achter een computerscherm met daarop een content management systeem

Long term vision

During development, we placed great emphasis on creating a scalable, responsive and fast web application. Thanks to using React Native Web as a base, we are well prepared to easily create extensions in the future so that the application can also be used on tablets.

Ipad met daarop de kleine grote denkers app

Take a look

Want to know more? Take a look at the website of Kleine Grote Denkers.

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